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Outdoor or Indoor Events

Hosting an event?

If you're hosting a private event and would like to have Catherine's Crêperie prepare and serve delicious crêpes for your guests, please let me know. I would love to help you make your event a bit more memorable for your guests and a little easier on you! 

+$125/hr charge for cooking time (2 hour minimum)

+175/hr charge for service between 10pm & 8am (late night/early morning)

+$0.80 per mile (from Los Serranos Way in Citrus Heights, CA)

Minimum purchase requirements vary according to location, group size and date of event. Click here for choice of crêpes.


Catherine's Crêperie provides individual crêpe holders and napkins for your guests. Set-up and clean-up times are never billed.

Private Event

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