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Orange Pekoe Tea Salmon Rub

Salmon Rubs are a fascinating way of reinventing the way we prepare and savor this naturally delicious and healthy fish. My home-made Salmon Rub is surprising - thanks to the Taj Mahal Orange Pekoe Tea I've chosen. You can use it to make a quick 24-hour gravlax or you can choose your own cooking method after application. By the way, other than the color of salmon, there's nothing orange-tasting about this rub.

How to apply:

- Precut individual portions of salmon so as to make sure the sides of each fillet come into contact with rub. If needed, pull out the bigger bones from your fillets. Pat dry each fillet with a paper towel and lay them on individual sheets of plastic wrap.

- Use 2 TBSP of the rub per fillet to cover the salmon completely over the plastic wrap. Wrap each fillet individually and refrigerate 24 hours maximum. Place them in a dish to avoid any expulsed juices from overflowing.


For Gravlax: Cut salmon into very thin slices (approx.. 2 millimeters). I usually tend to taste a middle slice as soon as I cut them. Depending on your taste preference, this will allow you to either leave on (that's my favorite method) or scrape off any of the black tea beads or any of the rub.

For cooking: Some people like to wash off the rub, pat dry with a paper towel and cook using their own method - others like to cook as is! It's up to you. Personally - I enjoy as is...


Ingredients: Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Salt and Sugar


"For Her" or "For Him" colors.

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Oct 12, 2022

I tried this about two weeks ago and was surprised at how good it tasted. I wondered if leaving the rub another 24 hours would affect the recipe?

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