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Thoughts. Experiences. Inspiration.

I’m so glad you’ve landed here.

 La Cuisine de Catherine is where I share with you my herbs, spices, and rubs. It all started when I moved to California about 5 years ago and couldn't find Herbes de Provence.  That's why I planted Rosemary,  Thyme and a few other herbs in our backyard. I learned different methods of drying them and tried various combinations and ratios. I hope you'll like my Herbes de Provence as much as my family does.

While herbs are quite common in French cuisine, rubs are a staple of the American lifestyle. I've been experimenting with my own Rubs and bring them to my French friends when I go back. I have to explain what the literal translation of "Rub" is.

 It's fascinating to be inspired by friends, family and even sometimes complete strangers on such simple, yet so very taste-changing, savory add-ons to recipes. I hope to spark your taste buds, adding excitement to your own cuisine, dishes and meals.

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