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Delicious French Crepes

made with simple, fresh and healthy ingredients.

If you've ever been to France, you've probably experienced "la Crêpe".  Its batter is made with basic, healthy and simple ingredients: butter, eggs, milk and flour. Crepes can be eaten sweet or savoury - there are probably as many crepe recipes out there as there are types of pizzas. Still, those four ingredients will be the base of most recipes. 

As you walk the streets of Paris or sit down in a café, you'll find that some traditional crepes are more common than others: Sugar, Sugar with Lemon Juice, Nutella, Nutella with Bananas and the classic Ham & Cheese. That's the reason Catherine's Crêperie emphasizes the basic Parisian crepes.

With time and experience, Catherine's Crêperie will be providing other recipes. Each week, at the Folsom Farmer's Market on Sutter Street (8 am to 1 pm) - come and experience a typical Parisian French Crepe.

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