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For those of you traveling from far for Catherine's 50th


If you're on this page, it's because you may be planning to come to my 50th birthday on October 7th, in California. So excited to have you ! With Christophe, we would be delighted! I hope this can materialize. Here is some practical information for you. I created this page to optimize logistics.

Sign up here: list of those coming from far (or seriously thinking about it).


The birthday event is October 7th, but of course we would spend more time together. I am on vacation from October 2nd until October 11th. The weekend before October 2nd, we work, Christophe and I, at the Crêperie. But you are welcome, of course, to arrive earlier than that. On the 11th I fly to a wedding in Texas (non-negotiable) until October 15th. On vacation the week of October 2, I look forward to being with you at home, available and happy to spend time together. Swimming pool, lounging and hanging out. Visiting local sites according to who wants to do what isalso planned.


SMF (Sacramento) Most convenient airport to land at.

If you get to Sacramento, I can probably pick you up because it's only 30 minutes from home. However, it will be better for you to rent a car for the stay if you want to visit the region beyond Sacramento.

SFO (San Francisco)

If you arrive in SFO (San Francisco), it then takes 2 to 3 hours by car to arrive in Sacramento and 20 min. more for our house. Public transportation is not really a great option, though there is Greyhound (see below). Do you need to rent a car (minimum age in California is 21) or see if I have other friends who want to carpool with you? This is the idea of ​​this page. That's why I created this file that I will continuously update. But you can also add yourself to it!!

Sleeping Arrangements:

There are a few people at home already. Francois-Laurent, Galienne and Alex, and Stéphane are already planned there. It will be difficult to do more but there are 2 spots left on the sofa if that works for you. Contact me ASAP. Sharon, who's hosting the Oct 7 party - yes, the party is at her house, has an Airbnb (she's graciously making it available for you) on site that's open for my friends. So kind and generous. First come, first served. (again via this same file). Otherwise, you will have to rent a hotel. At Sharon's AirBnb, there are 2 bedrooms with 1 large bed each and two spots on 1 large L-shaped sofa. There is also a kitchenette and a beautiful view of her horses.


You should rent a car or co-rent one with other of my friends. See this file to organize that. It really is the best method. Afterwards:

   San Francisco/Sacramento

There are Greyhound buses that depart from San Francisco to Sacramento (and vice versa) daily but they are very limited. This is why, before buying your plane ticket, you should look at their schedules. If you land too late in the day at SFO, there might be no buses left and you might have to book a hotel in San Francisco to wait for the next day's bus. Make sure you have at least 2 to 3 hours between your landing at SFO and the departure of your bus to make the BART journey, see paragraph below. Once in Sacramento, I can pick you up.


For the return from Sacramento to San Francisco, there are also Greyhound buses but make sure you arrive in San Francisco 3 hours before your flight departs. To get from downtown San Francisco to the airport, you will then need to take the BART. It takes 1 hour max for the BART part in San Francisco.


   Sacramento/Citrus Heights

It takes 20 to 30 minutes by car. I can pick you up.

   Citrus Heights/Orangevale (Sharon's house)

It's a 5 minute car ride, she's 2 miles away.


Please don't bring gifts. The best gift is your presence and I seriously mean that!

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